Innovations in Teaching Competition

Innovation here refers to novel activities, teaching methods, assessments, exercises, instructor/student/industry engagement, etc., which benefit marketing students. The competition is open to all instructors of marketing, part or full-time, including doctoral students, from all types of institutions. It especially welcomes innovations that contribute to active, experiential learning.

Initial submissions are limited to 5 pages double spaced. Typically, a submission includes (but is certainly not limited to):

  1. An overview of the current situation, which highlights the 'a-ha' moment which led to the innovation,
  2. A description of the innovation,
  3. Brief guidelines on how other instructors can implement the innovation, and
  4. A discussion of its use.

In order to encourage instructors to experiment, the focus of the competition is on innovation; empirical 'proof' that it works, and works better than other methods, is not required. However, submissions must not have been published in whole (or in spirit) elsewhere. Submissions to other competitions are also welcome, unless they were winners. 


Please submit your documents to Dr. Neale directly at

For more information, please contact:

Larry NealeQueensland University of

Previous Winners

  • 2022 -
  • 2021 -
  • 2020 -
  • 2019 - James Mead, Richard Hawkins, Stephen LeMay, Felicia Morgan, Helena Allman, University of West Florida, USA
  • 2018 - Cindy Rippé, Flagler College, USA
  • 2017 - Lora Harding, Belmont University, USA
  • 2016 - Jane Machin, Radford University, USA
  • 2015 - Elliott Manzon, University of Cincinnati, USA 
  • 2014 - Dawn Edmiston, The College of William and Mary, USA 
  • 2013 - Sara Liao-Troth, Georgia College & State University, Stephanie P. Thomas, Georgia Southern University, G Scott Webb, Brigham Young University
  • 2012 - Fred L. Miller, Gary Brockway, Timothy Johnston, Stefan Linnhoff, W. Glynn Mangold, Sam McNeely, Joy Roach, Kathy Smith, Murray State University 
  • 2011 - Michael A. Levin, Otterbein University
  • 2010 - Brian A. Vander Schee, Aurora University, Larry Neale, Queensland University of Technology,  Abby Cathcart, Queensland University of Technology
  • 2009 - Aron Levin and Greg Martin, Northern Kentucky University
  • 2008 - Tracy Tuten, Longwood University
  • 2007 - Andrew J. Newman, Manchester Business School
  • 2007 - Chuck Hermans, Missouri State University
  • 2007 - Barbara Wooldridge, The University of Texas at Tyler
  • 2006 - Kevin J Shanahan, The University of Texas at Tyler
  • 2005 - Diana Haytko, Missouri State University
  • 2004 - Barbara Wooldridge, The University of Texas at Tyler
  • 2003 - Catherine Curran, Creighton University
  • 2002 - John Branch, Washington University


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